Security Research and Development

Application Development

We provide application development for Windows and Linux platforms, and Mobile Application Development for Android platforms. Our core competancies include Python, C++, and VBA, for desktop applications. For web applications, we utilize a number of platforms including PHP, Cold Fusion, JavaScript, and the latest implementations of CSS and HTML. Additionally, we excel at SQL integration with MySQL/MariaDB, and MSSQL, via local interconnectivity or secure connection to cloud based databases via XML or native API.

Applications Security

We utilize an adversarial A/B testing model with all application development. By pitting our network security team against our development group, we ensure that every possible security vulnerability is found and patched in initial testing stages. This technique guarantees that the final release of the application to the client will meet the highest security standards, and will be ready for production deployment without the necessity of additional third party testing.

Security Testing

For additional security services please consider our Penetration Testing, Post-Intrusion Analysis, and Organizational Risk Management services.


We provide a number of free software applications under the GNU General Public License, and support a variety of Open Source and Community Based projects.