Security Research and Development

About Krypterro

Our company specializes in security-minded application development. The term security means different things to different people. For some, they are quite comfortable just knowing that their anti-virus software is updated and running. Then there are those of us that can run a file-splitter to isolate the AV signature references and alter it, assuring that the most common virus can pass through every anti-virus scanner. On a home computer behind a router, you may be able to go some time without incurring any malware depending on your downloading habits. Deploying a commercial application to the public internet will however require a far greater level of security. It is far too common for software engineers to end the development process once the application works, and to pass it over to the design group to make it look pretty. This process leads to the vast amount of zero-day exploits found by hackers every day.

In the above scenario, security becomes the responsibility of the client. In most cases, all the code would need to be shipped off to a security company for testing, and then be returned with a report with the security firm’s recommendations. Then the code would go back to the development firm for updates to the code. This process is often repeated as the development group and security firm go back and forth with the trade-offs between features and security. We find this to be a tedious, expensive, and unnecessary process.

Due to our rather unique approach to security, we do things very differently. Our company is comprised of a number of people with varied technical expertise. We are a company united around the concept of that high quality applications easy to use, in-line with our client’s requirements, as well as secure. We offer end-to-end development from whiteboard to deployment, with a rigorous set of quality-assurance checks every step of the way.

Additionally we provide the highest quality of service at the lowest possible rates via aggressive innovations in online collaboration and use of Open Source software. Our company has no expenses to pass along to our clients for software licensing, real estate, or payroll taxes. Although our primary infrastructure is based in Mexico, we are staffed by global contractors working from over a dozen countries. We work through encrypted tunnels over Tier-1 providers to secure testing and development servers using custom collaboration tools on a corporate intranet. Together, we offer expertise in all areas of software design and development, from graphic design to security.